Objectivity, Trust and Innovation

For over 16 years Vara Research has been helping clients securing the necessary transparency and trust with the capital market. As an independent provider of external investor relations services we support more than 100 companies all over Europe.

The company’s philosophy “Creating Trust” means Vara Research is committed to provide services, which are impartial and long-term focused. Our name is a benchmark for high-quality and objective consensus estimates. More reliable information is a decisive factor which can ultimately lower investor risk.

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Our Guidelines:

Long-term thinking

One of our high priority goals is to maintain and reinforce confidence in the capital market with a long-term perspective. Our corporate philosophy at Vara Research – “Creating Trust” – is based on a sustainability concept. This reflects our commitment to high quality services and products that are tailor-made for our customers. Our value-added service concept demonstrates high flexibility and can be substantiated by our long-term client relationships.

Optimising communication

At Vara Research we strive to ensure high quality and comparable estimates and communicate the result to the relevant market participants. Our capital market know-how enables us to offer customised solutions that meet the specific requirements of each client. Our financial experts maintain a high-quality service level with efficient information management, thereby helping minimise the volatility of client share prices. Results are communicated to the capital market with innovative and up-to-date IT solutions. The goal is to minimize the volatility of the shares.

Optimising your costs

Our services support the capital market communication and lower the costs of the consensus management. By outsourcing consensus management to Vara you take advantage of our comparative advantage by placing the work in the hands of a team that does this day in and day out. This releases your IR team to work on more core IR tasks of communication and marketing your stock. Consensus management is an opportunity cost that you can thus mitigate. Our proprietary IT-platform enables us to collect and evaluate earnings estimates in a timely and cost-efficient way. We are convinced that we have the best cost-efficacy ratio on the market. In the mid-term digitisation will surely open up further interesting opportunities from which we will help you benefit.

Creating trust and transparency

As a neutral service provider we are establishing transparency which underpins confidence between listed companies and the capital market participants. We warrant the maximum credibility based on our independence and are able to publish the consensus estimates on a wide variety of distribution channels without legal risks.

Leading innovation

Growing digitalisation offers new and exciting opportunities for Investor Relations to communicate with capital markets. In the area of consensus management, we at Vara Research have implemented several innovative concepts already. While digitalisation is still in the early days, we have set a goal to become the leading provider of innovative IT solutions for consensus management.

Let’s build something great together!