From pioneer to best-practice in consensus management

Vara Research is an independent service provider of external investor relations services. As a neutral source, our company delivers the necessary transparency and helps creating trust between listed companies and the capital market.

Our name is a benchmark for high-quality and objective consensus estimates. Having reliable information is a decisive factor which can lower investor risk.

With tailor-made IT solutions and in-depth capital market know-how, our products have become best practice in the area of consensus management.

Our success story

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More than 16 years of experience!

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More than 100 clients in 10 countries

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Collaboration with more than 800 analysts from 120 brokers

Reference customers

Our unique approach is very much appreciated by many IR-departments

Innovative solutions

Our products allow listed companies to efficiently gather and distribute objective information for the capital markets.

High quality consensus estimates based on professional KAM

Flexible website solutions

Customer-oriented capital market services

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