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Based on our capital market and IT Know-how we offer best
practice solutions for investor relations.

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Long-term thinking

One of our priority goals is to maintain and reinforce confidence in the capital market with a long-term perspective. Our corporate philosophy at Vara Research – "Creating Trust" – is based on a sustainability concept. This reflects our commitment to high quality services and products that are tailor-made for our customers. Our value-added service concept demonstrates high flexibility and can be substantiated by our long-term client relationships.

Optimizing communication

Financial experts at Vara research ensure quality and comparability of estimates and communicate the result to the relevant market participants. Our capital market know-how enables us to offer customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of each client. Our financial experts target to maintain a high-quality service level with an efficient information management thereby minimizing the volatility of the shares.

Optimizing costs

Our services support the capital market communication and lower the costs of the consensus management. Our proprietary IT-platform enables us to collect and evaluate earnings estimates in a cost-efficient way. Combined with our outsourcing concept we are convinced to have the best cost-efficacy ratio on the market. In the mid-term the digitalization will establish further interesting opportunities.


As a neutral instance we are establishing the necessary transparency and reinforce confidence between listed companies and the capital market. Last but not least we warrant the maximum credibility based on our independence. We are able to publish the consensus estimates on a wide variety of distribution channels without legal risks.